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"Posthumous Glory" (to be published in the upcoming Another Paris, 2020)


Seems we're only young in the past, looking back

seems we always had all the things we once lacked

seems the gold of the bygone is long overdue

when the people we were are not who we once knew

seems our peak that we speak of in valentine tongues

is the sum of our hopes for our heights from day one

when the magic we had is not what it all means

when the when we remember is not what it seems



"Lost Boy" (from Breaking the Moon, 2017)


Are you found? Are you found?

You've been floundering around

And they say that you've been lost

And that you're not worth the cost

For what it's worth, a paper trail

could never hail the way back home

Are you grown? Are you mad?

Since they say you've lost your mind

And that you're not worth the time

And the climb just ends in glass

On this mass of land that never

sees a change within its weather

Are you lost? Are you found?

You've been floundering around



"Breaking the Moon" (from Breaking the Moon, 2017)


In riding the wave

and halting the yearn

in lighting the fire

that's already burned

in words overturned

lies rumpled desire

with hearts on a pyre

with meaning depraved

in waiving the fee

and seizing the day

the glimpses of flashbacks

seem destined to stay

with one blistered bride

with one godless groom

the ripples don't stop

when breaking the moon



"Je téléphone au téléphone" (as-of-yet unpublished!) [Language: French]


Je téléphone au téléphone

car du silence j'en ai assez

Dans le vide je parlerai

en t'exaltant je me détrône


Cette longueur d'onde, c'est où je suis

En t'attendant je gâche ma vie

même si la sonnerie retentit

c'est le silence qui m'assourdit


Car nos couronnes sont asynchrones

je téléphone au téléphone

ne savant pas ce qu'il faut dire

pour pouvoir te retenir



"Parole imperiture" (as-of-yet unpublished!) [Language: Italian]


parole imperiture


che si trovano da sole


che non vogliono dire niente

sulla lingua sono impresse

ma sono già state commesse

queste frodi di conversazione

che sii partito senza ragione

in ogni stagione ti voglio di più

in silenzio mi assordi tu, solo tu

con parole che rimangano quando via andrai


parole che non ti ho detto mai



"De dorul sunetului" (from The Anthology, 2015) [Language: Romanian]


L-am afișat pe ușă

Și am așteptat un

un răspuns

dar vocea care aude

nu vorbește

că e surdă


Tot am crezut că poate

Conexiunea nu s-a stricat

Dar tot în întuneric

Am înfipt ce-am învățat


Și cunoștiințele mele

Totuși toate s-au zvârlit

Din afara vederei ochiului

Care simte tot ce simt


Și totuși nu se poate - 

Tras din lapte, toți din tram

Vai de mine și de mine,

Ce-am să fac eu fără tine

Spun ei toți, că e mai bine

Stând în geam, ce am și ce n-am


D-aia fac avertisment

Pentru limba care știe

Se mai duc două, trei zile

Fără milă, mai corect

Că de n-ar fi nu s-ar mai spune

Trec din lume-n altă lume

Stau la ușa de pe Marte

Orbi la poartă, acum vă văd.



"Red Roller" (from Collateral Damage, 2015)


Red roller skates,

I'd like to know

how far you'd go

in summer heat


Get coffee-fueled,

let's rule the road

and vultures know,

watch you to fall


Rolling through town,

get that top down

it seems so sweet

tears of a clown


Well, no more tears

No safety gear

I'll put you on

and stay right here



Excerpt, Chaos in the Subway (2012)


"At that moment, the door opened suddenly with a whoosh, and I finally got my proper dose of medicine.  Oh, it was infectious.  It was undeniable.  It was unbelievable.  And it was just barely naughty; just wrong enough to feel right; just my type.


I never really will forget the first time I heard jazz."



Excerpt, As the Tide Rises (2012)


"Sometimes," he said, "sometimes it's not us.  Sometimes it's where life sticks us.  In this time, in this place, there is no time and there is no place, and as the tide rises, another soul is lost somewhere.  It's not murder," he whispered, "it's bringing those souls back to a place where they have some meaning."



"The House in the Distance" (from Until Eighteen, 2010)


It's a little white house with

little blue shutters and

little pink flowers all about.

With its little brick chimney and

little doormat, it stands lone,

yet strong and still stout.


It's a little white house that

I've not seen before,

yet I feel as though

it's an old friend.

"Oh, hello, how are you?

You remember me too?

How we said we'd be friends till the end?"


It's a little white house that

I must pass on by,

must keep walking alone

through these fields.

Yet this little white house

inconspicuously sits,

unaware of the feelings it yields.


It's a little white house, getting

smaller each day

as my life drags me on and on.

I'll just never forget

that little white house...

Now it's smaller

and smaller

and gone.



"Reflection" (from I Will Be There, 2007)


I am being taken

away from home

being forced

against my will

to move on,

to roam.

I lose my grasp

on my family

My home's now but a 

line in the horizon - 

as far as I can see.

Hope seems lost, but wait! -

New skills could save me -

just maybe - 

perhaps? -

My brain restores from its lapse,

and so, for now, perhaps,

That little flame of hope -

all hidden inside my heart -

Continuously flickers,

and flickers continuously.


I've crossed a line, a border

That nobody of my kind has passed.

I feel strange, yet pleased -

my words I can weave -

I can express myself at last.

My poetry is mine -

to cherish, to keep.

My feelings no longer whine,

myself, I no longer weep.

I am glad

no longer sad -

my feelings I can scarce contain

In the present I remain,

still as a rose -

yet what lies ahead,

nobody knows.