Sociohistorical Linguistics







Undergraduate Honors Thesis:


  • A la poursuite du francien : Démystifier l'origine de la langue française ("In Pursuit of Francien: Demystifying the Origins of the French Language")*



(Undergraduate work) (Below: From oldest to newest)


  • The History and Decline of Reflexive Pronouns in the Development of Modern-Day English


  • A Brief History of the Development of Modern Linguistics


  • Une petite histoire de l'orthographe française ("A Brief History of French Orthography")*


  • Un survol de l'histoire de la langue française en Roumanie ("An Overview of the History of the French Language in Romania")*


  • A Brief Overview of the Development and Death of the Dacian Language


  • Perché imparare l'italiano?: Miti e fatti sul bilinguismo ("Why learn Italian?: Myths and facts about bilingualism")* (published in the March 2016 edition of 'La Vendemmia')


  • Peindre avec plusieurs couleurs : Entrevoir la vie linguistique d'un bilingue ("Painting with Many Colors: Glimpsing the Linguistic Life of a Bilingual")*


  • Faire parler plusieurs langues : Les bilingues dans le monde ("Making Many Languages Talk: Bilinguals in the World")*


  • Una patria di parole: Il ruolo dei bambini nella diffusione della lingua italiana nazionale ("A Nation of Words: The Role of Children in the Spread of the National Italian Language")*


  • Babel in Reverse: Contentious Creolization at the Origin of the Afrikaans Language



(Graduate work) (Below: From oldest to newest)


  • Are Language Learning Strategies Gendered?: Accounting for the (Apparent) Gender Gap in L2 Acquisition


  • Universals in Language Contact: Evidence for Emergence of the Unmarked in Koinéization (presented at the 1st Conference of the North American Research Network in Historical Sociolinguistics, joint session with the Linguistic Society of America Annual Meeting, January 2019)


  • The Sociopolitical Spectrum of Semi-Creolization: A Comparative Study of Afrikaans and Réunionnais (invited to present at the 2019 Southeastern Conference on Linguistics, May/June 2019)


  • "Language-less"?: A Comparative Study of Afrikaans and Hup Morphology


  • What's Wat?: Roles and Roots of the Relativizer in Afrikaans


  • Faster "Fixers": What -er reveals about children's acquisition of derivational vs. inflectional morphology


  • Adjectival Phrase Complementation in Old Romanian


  • 'Francien' and the Origin(s) of French: Tracing the History of a Hypothesis (presented at the 70th Linguistic Society of America (LSA) Linguistic Institute at the University of California Davis, July 2019)


  • Ethnolinguistic Conflict Between Moldovans and Russians in the Republic of Moldova



  • "A Museum Inside Our Heads": 'Obscure Etymologies' at the Crossroads of Historical and Folk Linguistics


  • Standardization and the Use of Borrowings to Determine Extent of Historical Language Contact: The Case of Afrikaans


  •  Language Shift in Social Context: The Case of the Celtic Languages in Great Britain


  • 'Contact Languages': Compartments or Continua?


  • Linguistic Dendrochronology: Contact, Metaphor, and Language Family Trees


  •  Spanish by the Book: The Development of the Spanish Lexicographical Tradition and its Role in the Standardization of the Language


  • 'A Window Into the Past': Tangier Island English and the Folk Linguistics of Language Change


  • Une entité préconstruite: The Tandem Development of Nationalism and Historical Linguistic Thought in 19th-Century France



* indicates a paper originally written in a foreign language.






  • Intermediate German I

  • Intermediate German II

  • History of the English Language

  • Language and Prehistory

  • French Phonetics

  • Elementary Italian I

  • Elementary Italian II

  • German and English Lingustics I

  • German and English Linguistics II

  • Intensive German Grammar

  • Intensive French Grammar and Composition

  • External History of the French Language

  • Articulatory Phonetics

  • Language Contact (LSA)

  • Language Contact (UVA)

  • A Linguistic History of the Western Steppe

  • Language Variation and Thought

  • Introduction to Linguistic Theory and Analysis

  • Introduction to Indo-European Linguistics

  • The Writing and Reading of French Texts

  • Advanced French Oral and Written Comprehension

  • Intermediate Italian I

  • Intermediate Italian II

  • Native American Languages

  • The Bilingual Speaker

  • Tools & Techniques of Translation

  • French Grammar & Style

  • Intermediate German Composition & Conversation I

  • Advanced Italian I

  • Historical French Phonology




  • General Linguistics (TA for course, 2x)

  • Introduction to Linguistics (Instructor for course)

  • Modern English Grammar (Instructor for course)

  • English Grammar (Instructor for course, 2x)

  • Second Language Acquisition (Instructor for course)

  • Applied Linguistics

  • English Phonetics

  • Generative Phonology

  • Exceptional Phonology

  • Second Language Acquisition

  • Semantics and Pragmatics

  • First Language Acquisition

  • Morphology

  • Syntax I

  • Language and Culture

  • Syntax II

  • Practicum in ESL

  • Historical Sociolinguistics

  • Introduction to Historical Linguistics

  • Global Ethnolinguistic Conflict

  • Sound Change

  • Languages in Contact

  • Sociolinguistics

  • Old English

  • Seminar in Historical Linguistics

  • Gothic

  • Advanced History of the Spanish Language

  • German for Reading Knowledge

  • American English

  • History of the French Language in its Social and Literary Context

  • History of the Italian Language (independent study)

  • French Phonetics and Phonology

  • History of the Romanian Language (independent study)