Who am I?

they tell me

but I can't believe

the rumors that

my name is Eve





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Andreea Sandu Karas - Resumé


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I was born in 1996 in Iowa City, Iowa.  My family moved around the States multiple times before finally settling down in beautiful Blacksburg, Virginia.  


At the age of 10, my first book, the poetry volume I Will Be There, was published.  I followed it up with a second volume, Until Eighteen, at age 14, before moving on to novels and novellas (Chaos in the Subway, now in its second edition; and As the Tide Rises).  I then returned to the medium of poetry with my volume entitled Collateral Damage and The Anthology of my first three volumes of poetry.  


I hold a BA with highest distinction in Linguistics and French from the University of Virginia, where I wrote an honors thesis entitled A la poursuite du francien : Démystifier les origines de la langue française ("In Pursuit of Francien: Demystifying the Origins of the French Language"), and also study other foreign and ancient languages (Romanian, French, Italian, German, Afrikaans, Spanish, Portuguese, Gothic, Old English, Mopan Maya).  


I recently completed my linguistics MA and TESL certificate at George Mason University and also put out a new poetry volume (Breaking the Moon).  I am in the midst of writing my next novel, Sugar of the Nothing, as well as my next poetry volume, Another Paris. I also create web and digital marketing content on a freelance basis.


I am currently a Ph.D. student in linguistics, double-concentrating in Romance and historical linguistics, at the University of Georgia.  I study the nature of language change over time, as well as the way thought about language change changes over time, which encompasses areas like historical linguistics, sociolinguistics, linguistic anthropology, history of linguistics/linguistic historiography, language evolution, language contact, and language and gender.